COVID-19 News Update


February 26, 2021

Residents, Families and Partners,

We are proud to announce that to the best of our knowledge, we have had zero positive COVID-19 cases in our community over the past few weeks. This is thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff, and the safety precautions taken by each and every one of you. Thank you! With an eye towards avoiding another potential outbreak, we will continue to test our staff regularly and our residents as symptoms are presented. Read more

COVID-19 News Update


January 15, 2021

Residents, Families and Partners,

As promised yesterday, we completed a full round of mass testing of our Assisted Living residents. As a result, we have learned that we have 3 positive residents in Assisted Living. All residents who are positive are currently quarantining from other residents, and they will be receiving cares from dedicated staff using heightened infection control protocols. Read more

COVID-19 News Update


January 13, 2021

Residents, Families and Partners,

Many of you may be aware of the current surge in COVID cases in our state and in the country at large.

We have been doing weekly mass testing of staff.  We recently learned that one of our staff members tested positive, and this staff person is currently quarantining at home and their return-to-work date will be determined following CDC and local health department guidelines.  We currently have no other positive staff members. Read more

Burning, Itching Blisters: 5 Things to Know About Shingles

You probably don’t remember having chickenpox as a child or getting a chickenpox vaccine. You probably haven’t given the illness a passing thought in decades. But you might want to think about it now. While chickenpox is usually an illness reserved for children, it can come roaring back in adulthood as shingles.


If you have had chickenpox, you are at risk of shingles, and you won’t soon forget the severe pain it can cause. There is no telling if and when shingles will strike, but luckily there are vaccines available to help prevent it. Here are a few things you should know about shingles. Read more

Flu Season Is Just around the Corner: 5 Things Seniors Should Know

When flu season strikes, it often hits hard and fast. The symptoms can knock a person down, forcing them to spend a week in bed or take a trip to the hospital. Seniors ages 65 and older have a higher risk of severe flu complications, accounting for up to 70 percent of hospitalizations from the virus and up to 85 percent of the deaths each year.

Here are five things you should know about the flu and the flu vaccine this fall. Read more